Enterprises | June 20, 2021

Fathers Day 2021

The Jaindl family has been synonymous with father-son businesses dating back to 1426 when Conrad and Ehrard Jendl were presented their crest of arms by the King Of Austria. In 1904, Janos Jaindl immigrated to 343 Ridge Avenue (near the site of The Waterfront) in Allentown from Poppendorf Austria with his wife and son, John L. Jaindl. John L. Jaindl and his wife Hilda later had two children: Fred and Madeline Jaindl. From Conrad and Ehrard to John and Fred, and later to Mark and Zachary, father-son teams have been a foundation of the family business for generations.

On Father’s Day 2021 we celebrate the fathers in our lives who help us realize our goals, foster our potential, and teach us that our greatest aspirations can be achieved. Happy Father’s Day!

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